Red Night-1° Forum of Fashion and Altruism Yucatan 2015

In november 2015, I was the Director of Communication and Publich Relationships of Red Night-1° Forum of Fashion and Altruism Yucatan 2015. Working along with the Fashion Designer Javier Fabián, Astrid Castillo and Fashion Coordinator Ruben Parra, we transform  a Fashion platform into a Forum to increase the quality of  Fashion Design and  advocate for social responsible practices within the industry.


RED NIGHT, was an annual non-profit event that contributed to the economic and social development of Yucatecan society by creating a platform that promoted national fashion, while raising funds and disseminating the work of civil organizations in the fight against HIV / AIDS.

Thanks to the support of the Department of Integral Development of the Family for the Government of the State of Yucatan, and various educational institutions and private companies, the 2015 edition was transformed into the 1° Forum of Fashion and Altruism Yucatan 2015.  This event was a space for creative and cultural exchange, which aimed to raise the quality and competitiveness of fashion design through conferences by national and international personalities. All this within an environment of social responsibility and sustainable development that allowed promoting not only the work of Associations that fight against HIV / AIDS, but also of different associations that contribute to the development of vulnerable groups of the society.



During this event a link between the local and national fashion production was created. Mexican Designers of International recognition shared stage along with Yucatecan designers with strong trajectory. In addtion, new talent was presented as prior to the event, a fashion desing contest took place in which young fashion designers’ work was judged by national and international specialists.



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