Yuum Ha’

Along with Filmmaker Marco Abraham, we produced Yuum Ha´, an audiovisual production based on a fiction story of the Prehispanic Mayan Culture. Its main objective was focused on the demystification of the Prehispanic Mayan Culture and revaluation of the Contemporary Mayan Culture. Thus contributing to promote equal rights and non-discrimination for this ethnic group in the South of Mexico.



Directed by Marco Abraham

Starring Patricia Breler, Miguel Loeza, Javier Matos, Socorro Loeza & Oscar Chan
Produced by Marco Abraham & Nora Carrillo
Co-Produced by Manuel Olea, Gina Nieves Metri and Jorge Moreno
Assistant Producers: Karen Moreno, Giovanni Novaro, Fernando Espinola & Juan Esteban Mendez
Motion Media in collaboration with Universidad Anáhuac Mayab & Universidad Modelo

Yuum Ha ‘tells the story of Itzayana, a beautiful young woman who escapes from her village when she receives the news of her duty as a princess, which consists in Being sacrificed Jumping into a deep cenote as an offering to the God Chaac. The story is set in the 10th century, in a Mayan village in Yucatan and during times of drought.

Itzayana will soon discover that the Faith is not a question of Gods or Miracles, but of the sacrifice that each one is willing to perform for others.


The research for the production of this audiovisual product, was based on the analysis of the audiovisual language structure supervised by the Mtra. Virginia Carrillo and the social anthropological analysis of the Mayan Yucatecan Culture supervised by Dr. Enrique Rodriguez Balam, both members of the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

The production of the short film was possible thanks to the support of Universidad Modelo and Anahuac Mayab, and the contribution of the filmmaker Oscar Urrutia Lazo.


Yuum Ha’ got special presentations in the Audiovisual Room of the Olimpo Cultural Center for a specialized cinema audience. Subsequently the short film was presented at the cinemas Siglo XXI and it won the First Place in the Fiction Category of the 9th Short Film Competition “Yucatan 2012”, carried out by the Secretary of Culture of the Government of the State of Yucatan and the National Council of Arts and Culture of Mexico.


The short film continued to be exhibited in several communities such as Acanceh and Texan de Palomeque, working with educational institutions and civil associations such as Legorreta-Hernández, in order to encourage young adults to continue with their studies.



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