DANAUSBIN is the work of my life.

We are a social and creative enterprise that co-creates with artisans, respecting Cultural Rights, for the commercialization of products of an artistic, artisanal and industrial nature.

Along with my business partner Alejandra Escamilla, we have manage to put together a family that works based on artistic and cultural inspiration in the cherish of our heritage and the power of creativity.

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We are not up to change anyone, but to learn from each other and to diversify the possibilities of income based in the power of our intelectual property which goes beyond the artisanal production.

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The artisans journey from cultural practice to transform materia to a product embedded with wider cultural value does not finish in the pieces created. Their visions and  the beautiful forms resulted of their work have their intellectual property as well as inherent  meaning that reflects their stories of a group of  people in stransformation.


” [Cultural diversity] refers to the manifold ways in which the cultures of groups and societies find expression. These expressions are passed on within and among groups and societies” (UNESCO, 2005)

” [Cultural expressions] are those expressions that result from the creativity of individuals, groups and societies, and that have cultural content” (UNESCO, 2005).

In DANAUSBIN we adopt the 2005 Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions, convinced that cultural activities, goods and services have both an economic and a cultural nature.


Our products are the result of innovations in artisanal practices inserted in modern realities.

Consequently,   in DANAUSBIN cultural products are not solely goods of commercial value, but instead we co-create with artisans to transfer their identitites, values and meanings in our products previously, during and after implementing artistic, artisanal and technological processes.



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