White Runway: between Fashion and Art

From October 2012 to June 2014, I was the Coordinator of General Services and Public Relationships of the sub-directorate of Cultural Development & Museum of the City, part of the Department of Culture for the Municipality of Merida, the capital city of the state of Yucatan. During this time, I had coordinated different cultural activities and events, one of which was The White Runway. My role was to gather the most representative figures of the Fashion Creative Industry of the city and create an event depicting the art created by this sector.

The White Runway, was the first Fashion Show ever created inside a museum in the history of the city. The date was 20 July 2013 and the venue Museum of the City of Merida. This activity was part of a bigger event called White Night, a program run by the Department of Culture which includes several cultural activities taken place in different sites of the City. The aim was to reach the largest audience as posible inviting them to take part of the cultural and art production of the City.

The White Runway depicted the exact point in which fashion transcends from an ephemeral expression to visual art. It allowed the audience to observe not only the different trends within Fashion Design in the City but also the Multi-faceted expressions whitin this Creative Industry.

The pioneers of fashion in Yucatan presented in their pure expression how art and fashion become a convergence that hypnotizes, seduces and attracts us.

From left to right: Fashion Designers Aldrín Ayuso and Kika Rodriguez; Make-up Artist Maury Cervera; Fashion Designers Astrid Castillo, Adriana Talavera, David Silva; Jewellery Designer Delio Puerto.

The objective of this cultural event, was to present the design pieces of the most experienced designers within the city as well as invite the audience to be part of the creative work of this sector.

 Example of Media Cover:pasarela-blanca-2

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